Development Plan

Exposed brickwork with empty picture frames. Image is shot from underneath leading the eye upwards to the roof of the bathroom area in The Hop Sun Taproom. Image ©Andy Hind
Logo of Heathen Brewers. Image ©Ed Perfect HopSun logo official_0.75x-50.jpg
The Hop Sun Taproom

Updated February 2022


Heathen Brewers always knew their dank basement was not a forever home. So when the perfect barn became available in Haywards Heath, the chance had to be grabbed. Keen to show off the shiny vessels and delicious beers, naturally a taproom was a must.

There comes a time in the life of every young brewery when it needs to burst free from the confines of it's oubliette. Tricky it turns out, when in the intervening years, buildings have sprung up blocking the only means of escape! Nevertheless, after venturing through the trapdoor into the bright summer sun, a new home was found in Triangle Road where an old Victorian barn nestled within the houses, has made the perfect home for our shiny new brewery.

Onsite Brewing


Securing the freehold on the building presents an opportunity to improve the site and make it a focal point for the community. We are a locally owned business with strong ties to the area, so we know how important it is to work with the community if our plans to develop The Hop Sun Taproom into a vibrant, respected and well loved destination for everyone are to succeed. We take our responsibilities to our neighbours seriously and recognise the importance of meaningful consultation as we grow our business.