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Celebrating a Year of Hop Sun Runs, the social running club with a beer at the end!

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As we gear up for another Hop Sun Runs at the taproom, it's incredible to reflect just how far Hop Sun Runs has come. What started as a bit of an idea to drive awareness of the taproom has, in 12 short months, turned into a running community that has welcomed nearly 500 people to our monthly run events. With an average of around 40 participants per run, our inclusive approach caters to both 10k and 5k enthusiasts, delivering a diverse and supportive environment for all levels of runners. We really couldn’t be more pleased that this event has found a home at the Hop Sun Tap.

Embracing Community Spirit


Hop Sun Runs isn't just about hitting the pavement; it's about building connections and creating a sense of community. From seasoned regulars to first-timers, everyone is encouraged to join in and experience the social element that defines our runs. Chatty, inclusive and open to all, we are proud to have helped first timers get into running, introduced likeminded people to each other and even forged a few new friendships along the way!


Welcome to our Taproom


Beyond the physical activity, Hop Sun Runs serves as a gateway to the vibrant community of the Hop Sun Taproom. For many participants, our runs provide not only a fantastic workout but also an introduction to the taproom's welcoming atmosphere and its diverse community of craft beer enthusiasts. Come for the run, stay for the beers!


Our volunteers


As we celebrate a year of Hop Sun Runs, we of course extend our sincere gratitude to the dedicated individuals who make Hop Sun Runs possible month after month. Special thanks to Andy, Phil, Graham, James, Gemma, Greg, and Chris for their regular and invaluable run leading ensuring everyone is looked after on the runs. You all rock!


Brewing Up Something Special


And let's not forget Head Brewer Mark, who, in celebration of our upcoming birthday, has something special brewing to commemorate our first anniversary. With his boundless creativity and brewing expertise, our next run promises to be an event to remember.


Join Us for the Journey Ahead


Whether you have been with us from the start or about to join us for your first run, rest assured you will be very welcome.


If you are you ready to join the Hop Sun family? RSVP for our next run on Thursday, May 23rd @ 18:30 at the Hop Sun Taproom.


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