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Eurovision’s warming up with a European Tap Takeover

Don't wait for finals night to start your Eurovision preparations. Get the vibes going early with us here at the Hop Sun.

The chaff's been blown from the wheat, the semi final nations are decided, the songs are all out there It's countdown time.

On the lead up to the Eurovision 2023 we'll be rolling out craft ales from various participating countries and with your help creating a shortlist of winning beers to help you through the spectacle that is Eurovision.

With the Final all but in sight, from Thursday 11th May we'll ramp up our celebrations, giving over our playlists to your best loved Eurovision songs plus some of the new wannabes who've warbled, yodelled, shrieked and crooned through this years opening heats.

Got a favourite oldy, a sure fire winner for '23 or one that should never have seen the light of day. Ask at the bar and they see if they can track it down and give it play.

But that's for background it's the beers we here for, so we've draughted in 8 hopefuls from around Europe all looking for your vote.

Follow and watch out for posts and reels we'll be sending out when the beers hit our cellar and drop by to grab a pint of these Eurobeer hopefuls, choose a favourite and make sure you tell them at the bar as we'll be keeping tabs.

Themed Beer Flights

Not sure which to pick? Pit nation against nation with a 4 Beer EuroFlight Special, ask at the bar for :

  • Nil "Pint" lining up Norway (4 times zero!) against one of the other countries in the no points camp, a big fat zero has been doled out 37 times over the years so plenty to choose.

  • 'Best Friends' celebrating EuroVision and the "I'll vote for you, if you vote for me". Think Sweden & Denmark or Greece & Cyprus. Now think of beers - let our bar team suggest some very complementary pairings for you to enjoy - guaranteed free from geopolitics.

  • 'I'm only here for a stiff drink', a nod to EuroVision legend Terry Wogan with a stronger selection to get you through. It's what he would have wanted.

  • 'Bar Humbug' a selection of Heathen brews for the "I don't know why we're still in! no one over there likes us" collective.

or put together and name your own flight of competing beers.

Whatever, check out one of our participating European beers and we'll give you an extra stamp on your loyalty card and put a marker on the blackboard against your favourite.

On the day where better to get in the mood than with us, surrounded by Eurovision hits and wallowing in a wealth of European ales, spend the afternoon hours prepping for the late night extravaganza trying out a few of our Eurovision specials.

25% discount on Takeouts

Then no need to stop at closing time, to help you through the mayhem till the early hours, bring along your container(s) or purchase a Growler and take a litre or two of your favourites home and we'll give you a 25% discount off.

Love Love, Peace, Peace...

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