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Halloween Treat or TREAT

Boo!....No U turns here, we're just too excited to wait till the 31st so we're bringing you all that's spooky starting from the 27th Oct. It's out with the bunting and up with the broomsticks to bring you an extended Halloween weekend, Hop Sun style!

Flyer for the Halloween Hop Sun Event

To raise your 'spirits', our themed bar will be pouring a few surprise guest ales to get you in the in the mood. Think Blueberry, Pumpkin and maybe even a bit of spice! Unsure...? well, it's a perfect excuse to try out one of our devilishly good 4 Beer Tasting frights...sorry, Flights! and 'Zero' in on your favourite.

Drawing of Zero the ghost dog from the Nightmare Before Christmas. Set against a halloween inspired background
Zero...the best Halloween character around!

We'll also be running a 'Trick or Treat' in aid of our local charity partner, Kangaroos who bring colour to the lives of people with disabilities. A donation of £1 gives you the chance to put your hand in the 'hat' for a range of prizes. Maybe a tasty treat, money off your drink or perhaps a wee shot from the cauldron. We will leave it to you to judge whether the homemade pumpkin pie is a real treat!

On Sunday 30th October from 3pm, we'll test out the darker recesses of your minds with a Halloween Special Hop Sun quiz. Book a table early for Sunday afternoon, order up some craft beers and toasties or some of our other great food options, think up a suitably spooky team name and get settled in for a challenging quiz session... NO crystal balls allowed!

Speaking of 'witch', will you spot the Hoff...and will he mange to better his Oktoberfest Lederhosen look? You tell us!

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