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Changes to our Food range introduced

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Firstly as the holidays draw to a close we’re sad to see Dan swap sides of the bar as he returns to “academia” in Bournemouth, a major “thank you” for all your help this year luckily we know we’ll see you soon.

Helping to fill this hole as our new term starts, we’ve taken the plunge, listened to your requests and upgraded our in-house food offerings.

Moving away from pizzas we’re bringing our sharing board expertise to bear with a range of grilled Toasties allowing us to provide you with food on demand and all the time we’re open.

Early days on the Toasties, so we’d love any feedback or ideas for different combinations either at the bar or via contact on this website.

Along with the food comes the coffee, after a number of false starts we’ve cranked up our old faithful “Astoria” added some serious beans from Lindfield Coffee Works and we’re hot to trot, so order up an espresso to go with your favourite tipple and keep buzzin.

That’s enough to be going on with this session, next up Toad, Hoptoberfest and some small batch bottled beauties.

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