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Here’s to Twenty Twenty Three

As the curtain fell on 2022 we managed to tick off one of last years major resolutions when our planning application for a roof upgrade was acknowledged!

Check out the for all the info.

Then with a bit of wassailing and a fair amount of hullabaloo we barrelled into 2023 with the inaugural Hop Sun Toads Challenge. Pulled together by our own Ed White and supported by a merry knot of local Toads, lending their tables, scoring and offering much needed guidance. An incredible success that'll be hard to follow but we'll certainly try later in the year certainly one to watch out for.

Vegetarian food, alcohol free beers, vegan friendly drinks, great company, gives absolutely no reason to stay away during Jan.

If that's not enough we've planned not one but two quizzes to keep you on your toes. Sunday 15th delivers a 12th Night Theme pulling together the pagan, literary, religious and generally obscure. Whilst Sunday 29th aims to be a belated nod to Burns Night knowledge fleshed out with some haggis specialities on the bar snack menu.

As ever, best to book for the quizzes early to make sure you get a good spot.

Behind the scenes January see's Mark busy as ever brewing up a raft of new beers and old faithfuls to replenish the Hop Sun stocks. But why stop there? When you're out and about enjoying a local hostelry put in a good word and tell them about your favourite Heathen beer.

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